Milwaukee has Yellow Jackets in the Winter

Will White here with Nexus Pest solutions with another edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. And today’s question is, it’s wintertime? Why am I find in yellow jackets in my home? And it’s freezing outside? Well, that’s a good question. And I want to try to explain that to you. The reason why you find these yellow jackets in your home during the winter is because there was a next that was outside of your house that had developed in a wall void, or it could have been in the attic eaves, over the winter. And the nest  is in a position where it’s stand just warm enough, where when we get those nice sunny days where the sun is really beaten down on an area, the yellow jackets, kind of wake up, find a spot usually in recessed lighting, it could be a window frame, it could be a ceiling fan that is not properly sealed, around the outside of it, they see the light inside the house, because they’re in a dark area, you know, whether it’s a wall void, or whether it’s the attic, and they see the natural lighting, and they’ll they’ll see the natural lighting in your house and make their way inside. So you’ll find Yellow Jackets flying around on the inside. Now it can be it can be somewhat difficult to find out exactly where that nest is because if it’s under insulation in an attic, or if it’s you know, buried inside of a wall void. You know, nobody wants to tear that wall open and try to find this nest but what we can do is come out, find out where you send the majority of these yellow jackets at in the wintertime, see where to enter in the your your home and seal those areas off. That’s something that you can do to maintain the problem so that you’re not dealing with these things flying around during the middle during the winter months. So that’s just a tip you know, because we get this question a lot during the winter months you know, we get to cause like hey, we got Yellowjackets flying around why is that how is that even possible? Well that’s that’s how it’s possible. That’s how it happens you know during the these colder months but you know if you have any questions, you know give our office a call we’d be more than happy to schedule you know, any type of inspection, you know to come out and take a look at how these stinging insects are entering your home and look at repairing the areas that they’re getting in. Give us call for 143553732 You can ask for me as always, I’m Will White with Nexus Pest Solutions and  have a great day

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