Fruit Flies Are In Your Milwaukee Wisconsin Kitchens!

Will White here with Nexus pest solutions, bringing you another edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. And today’s question is, why am I experiencing a small fly problem in my home? Very good question. And we’re going to try to get down to the bottom of it. Now, in the pest control world, there are several different species of small flies, just to name a few, the fruit fly, the darchei, fruit fly, the drain fly, the fungus, net, etc, etc, etc. But the two were most commonly deal with in a home is a fruit fly in the darchei fruit fly. Now, very similar, but distinctly different, not a fruit fly. If you look at what they’re small, but they’re big enough to see these characteristics, they’re going to have red or pink eyes, and her body is going to be tan, they’re going to have a tan body, the dark eye fruit fly, it’s going to have dark eyes, it’s going to be a little bit huskier than the fruit fly, and a black body. Now these two flies, the small flies, they can breed in the home and you will find you will you can find them in different areas at home because they have different needs in order to keep their lifecycle going. The fruit fly as a name is one of the big things we have in our home grapes, bananas, apples fruit delight, the later eggs on these flies do not live very long. But the female fly in our lifetime in our lifespan can lay at least 500 eggs on the on that fruit. So it’s very imperative that we break that cycle you know right away. Now to darchei fruit fly, they tend to breed in different areas at home. So if you have a leak, if you have a tile floor with a bad growl job or the grout is cracked and water is getting up underneath that floor, if you have a drip pan on the back of your refrigerator that’s not working anymore, or a wet mop. That’s what a dark fruit flies, the dark eye fruit fly will breed. Now, same thing lay a lot of eggs, the female lays a lot of eggs in her short lifespan. So the cycle continues. You know, a lot of times when we’re speaking to folks, you know they’ve had the problem has been going on going for two or three months, they just can’t figure out where it is. Well, the key to getting rid of it rid of this problem is you got to search out the source. So keep in mind if it’s a fruit fly, we have to look for fruit, soda cans, you know, empty soda cans. So if you recycling cans, or if you have wine or if you have a lid on was sale, a pickle jar that’s not close properly, that can be enough for the fruit fly for fruit flies to breathe in. And then if we’re dealing with the darchei fruit flies, like we said, you know, we’re looking probably more lower for the fruit. So even with that darchei fruit fly, if we have a potato that is rolled up underneath a cabinet or up underneath the potato bin and is sitting there rotting and decaying, that’s going to be a prime source for darchei fruit fly. So inspection, inspection inspection. Now if you’ve tried this, and it hasn’t worked for you, you can always give our office a call, either myself will white or one of our technicians will be more than happy to set your home for an inspection and give you such a home before an appointment and give you our 58 Point PEST analysis and inspection. Listen, if you’re reading this or watching it, I just want to tell you thank you. And if you have a question, give our office a call. And maybe you could be on the next edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. Thank you for stopping by

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