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The thought of bed bugs fills most people with dread, and both homeowners and commercial property owners will do all in their power to keep bed bugs away or remove them as quickly as possible. Although small, these unwelcome visitors pack quite a punch with their bites, which can cause a great deal of itching. For the fastest and highest quality bed bug control services in Mequon, it is important that you understand the most common signs of infestations and understand how Nexus Pest Solutions can help.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Besides the nasty bites that tend to occur frequently around the ankles, you may notice several other signs of an infestation in a home or commercial building. For example, small blood marks on bedding or rusty spots on mattresses, furniture and walls surrounding major fixtures may denote that bed bugs are actively feeding and living in the area. In addition, you may notice white or translucent skins or shells or may discover a musty odor in the room.

Bed Bug Pest Control for Residential Homes

Private residences are some of the most common spots to find bed bugs as these pests gravitate to where they can find ready supplies of blood for feeding. Once they are in the home, they are impossible to remove through DIY methods alone. Instead, a professional bed bug exterminator must apply the right treatment for the situation. Before doing this, one must thoroughly inspect the area, including in and around furniture, baseboards, and mattresses.

Bed bugs can infiltrate even the cleanest homes. In some instances, they are brought in on the clothing or shoes of guests. In other scenarios, the homeowners themselves may bring them in on luggage after traveling away from home or spending the night in a hotel.

Bed Bug Removal for Commercial Properties

While you might think that bedbugs mainly live in homes, they can frequently make their way into commercial buildings, particularly those designed for overnight sleeping, such as hotels and hospitals. Even commercial properties with no beds are not immune to this problem as bed bugs can easily be spread into any environment through individuals’ clothing, shoes, and belongings. These pests love to hitchhike from one area to another and frequently enter commercial buildings through kitchens and lounge areas. Therefore, they may be seen in office buildings, manufacturing plants, or retail centers where they like to hide in cubicle dividers, under raised floors, and even inside warm computer equipment.

Find Relief with the Best Bed Bug Control Services in Mequon

A professional bed bug exterminator will quickly be able to locate and diagnose the problem and decide on the best treatment for each situation. In almost all cases, the most appropriate option for long-term success is bed bug heat treatment, which works quickly and is generally more effective than insecticide applications. With this type of treatment, the entire building or residence is exposed to temperatures at or above 118 degrees Fahrenheit for a specific length of time. The key is to raise the temperature of the building quickly while monitoring the overall temperature carefully to avoid any damage.

If a bed bug infestation has you searching for answers, turn to Nexus Pest Solutions in Wisconsin for trustworthy professional bed bug removal.

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