Mosquito Pest Control in Mequon

There are about 170 species of mosquitoes in North America alone, and the most common is the culex mosquito. Although they are mostly gray, the color of their scales can be blue, green, silver or white. Their bodies are oval and narrow, measuring up to 0.375 inches long. Another species of mosquito that may be seen in Wisconsin is the Asian tiger mosquito. This exotic species is distinguished by a white stripe down its back as well as a black and white striped body and legs. The mosquitoes have long, segmented bodies, and they measure about 0.125 inches long.

Mosquitoes breed in soft, wet soil and stagnant water, including floodwaters, marshes, old tires, ponds, storm drains and tree holes. Only the females bite to feed on blood so that they can produce eggs. They track you by sensing body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide. Male mosquitoes mainly depend on plant nectar for food.

The Health Threat Mosquitoes Pose

Mosquitoes can be more troublesome than leaving behind itchy, red bumps after feeding from you. Both the culex and Asian tiger mosquito species spread diseases, including dengue fever and West Nile virus. The latter has become a major concern across the country and can lead to fever, inflammation in the brain or encephalitis, and inflammation in the cerebral and spinal cord lining, which is called meningitis.

In addition to these diseases, culex mosquitoes can spread malaria and yellow fever. Asian tiger mosquitoes are known to carry Chikungunya, which is similar to dengue fever, and the Zika virus, which is a relatively new concern in the country. The Zika virus causes red eyes, fever, joint pain, and rash; however, the symptoms are not usually so bad that hospital treatment is necessary. When a woman becomes infected while pregnant, the virus can cause fetal brain defects and microcephaly, which is a smaller-than-normal head.

How Nexus Pest Solutions Mosquito Pest Can Protect You and Your Yard

We want to ensure that you and your family are protected against mosquitoes and the diseases that they spread. Our pest professionals do this by removing potential mosquito habitats from your property and advising you on how to monitor sources of standing water such as birdbaths, potted plants and swimming pools. To prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, we can inspect and ensure that the screens for your doors and windows are bug tight. We also cover all gaps in walls and encourage you to replace any outdoor lighting with yellow bug lights to reduce the number of mosquitoes that are attracted to your property. If your mosquito problem is serious enough, our technicians will treat your property with environmentally safe chemical products.

Don’t let the presence of mosquitoes prevent you from having fun in your yard. Nexus Pest Solutions is the answer to all of your mosquito control needs. Contact us for a free mosquito pest control quote.

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