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When you run into a gang of cockroaches at your home or place of business, you probably won’t forget the experience. There are approximately 4,600 roach species in existence, but only about four of those groups present real problems for human beings. Those pests range in length from about half an inch to 1.2 inches. In tropical areas, though, they can be larger. 

Generally speaking, cockroaches are adaptable, but they’ll take a warm environment if given the choice. In most cases, these bugs also like darkness; light makes them scatter. Further, in their waste, roaches leave behind bacteria and chemicals, which makes it easy for these insects to find and follow one another.

The head of a cockroach is small in proportion to the rest of the body, and it includes a hard mandible for breaking up food. Overall, a roach is flat, and it has five claws per leg, an abdomen with 10 sections, long antennae, two simple eyes, and two compound eyes. In addition, many cockroaches have four wings, but not many of them are adept at flying. All in all, the roach is a very primitive creature. 

Despite their limitations, cockroaches are skilled when it comes to penetrating homes and commercial buildings. Even the slightest opening in a foundation, door, or pipe can become an entrance for these pests. What’s more, they often hide within boxes, bags, and articles of clothing; thus, many people end up carrying them indoors. Once they’re inside, they can take up residence behind walls and start to reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate. 

When people share spaces with swarms of cockroaches, a range of problems ensue. Those who suffer from respiratory ailments like asthma and allergies may find that their conditions worsen due to their exposure to roaches’ feces and shed skin. The pests can also spread bacterial and viral infections, and in many cases, they contaminate stores of food. Even more frightening, cockroaches can enter people’s bodies as they sleep; for instance, they might march into an ear or a nostril. Roaches occasionally bite and wound people as well. 

Cockroaches might be good at hiding from humans, but you can detect their presence by finding their waste products, which resemble grains of pepper. On top of that, you might notice dead roaches, tiny egg casings, or a moldy smell. 

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Finally, know that it’s extremely difficult to get rid of cockroaches without expertise and without certain pieces of equipment and substances for which you’d need a license. With that in mind, if you ever find yourself dealing with a roach infestation, the wisest thing to do is to obtain a free quote from the proven professionals at Nexus Pest Solutions. Contact us today to get started with roach control services!

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