Ant Control in Mequon

Ants may look harmless, but they are one of the most common nuisance pests in Wisconsin. They are active indoors and in natural areas. Infestations can quickly grow out of control as the colony matures. That brings in the importance of ant control services. Ant colonies can create all kinds of problems for local homeowners and businesses. Some ants nest in electrical boxes and air conditioners. Others leave pheromone trails as they forage for food in kitchens. Carpenter ants can even cause structural damage when they excavate moist lumber to create chambers for their families. During certain stages, winged ants are easily confused with termites, so it’s important to have an expert identify the offenders and assess your home. If you have a problem with ants, our pest control professionals will find the nest, treat it and take steps to prevent the ants from returning.

Ant Behavior

In nature, ants nest in trees, under bark, and in debris on the forest floor. In suburban and urban areas, they are quite comfortable nesting indoors, among landscape plantings, and under driveways and sidewalks. All ants love warm weather, which is why they often nest under rocks and materials that absorb the sun’s warmth. Other ants migrate indoors during cold weather or overwinter in deep subterranean nests.

Infestations in Mequon & Surrounding Areas

Most folks believe that it’s normal to see a few field ants indoors or a few anthills on their property. Eventually, these colonies will divide and build other nests in undesirable or inconvenient locations. That’s why it’s important to manage ant populations before the problem escalates. Many home and business owners have problems with ants being inside kitchens and other rooms, but they have no idea where the nest is. This is when a pest control company can help.

Controlling Ant Populations

If you’ve seen an unacceptable number of ants, it’s time to act. Our certified pest control specialists use a variety of low-impact products that are approved for indoor and outdoor use. We have the equipment needed to access nests in hard-to-reach locations. When possible, we use non-chemical methods to control ant infestations. We are also authorized to apply baits that are specially formulated for specific ant species. Our experts may also recommend that you caulk entry points or take steps to remove food, water sources, and nesting sites.

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