Rodent Removal in Mequon

If you have discovered rodents in your Mequon home or place of business, you are likely wondering what steps you should take to eliminate the pests before they get out of hand. Our rodent removal services can help. Taking care of the problem during the first stages is vital if you don’t want to face even more complications in the future.

Rodents can cause a range of hazards for homeowners and business professionals. Some people try handling the threat without professional help and get mixed results, but you can contact a team of professionals if you want to contain rodents at the first sign of trouble.

Rodent Dangers

Rodents can cause several problems of which you need to be aware. If you have rodents in your home, they can get into and taint your food. They can spread diseases if you don’t respond to the problem right away, and you don’t want to expose yourself to that risk. In addition to spreading diseases, they can get inside your walls and chew on your wires, which creates a fire hazard.

Business owners deal with the same problems when rodents strike but also have a few more concerns. If a customer spots rodents on your property, the customer can post about the pests on review websites, and your reputation will probably suffer. The health department in your area could give you fines or force you to close your doors until you contain the threat, which affects your bottom line.

Rodent Warning Signs

If you don’t want to face the problems associated with rodent infestations, learn to spot the warning signs so that you can contain the threat right away. Open containers of food will attract mice looking for a nice meal, but having a lot of clutter on your property can also entice rodents to come into your home or commercial building.

In some cases, rodents will enter because they want a warm place to sleep, so no amount of cleaning will eliminate the threat. Look for chewed bags and holes in the wall if you think rodents are nearby. Rodent droppings are another warning sign for which you should look when investigating a possible rodent invasion.

How We Can Help

You can count on the Nexus rodent removal team to have your back and stand in your corner when rodents strike. Some companies use traps that poison rodents, but you need to take a close look at that option. Rodents that eat poison will go back into your walls to die and often leave an unpleasant odor behind.

On the other hand, we use traps that keep rodents alive so that you won’t need to worry about that issue, and we then relocate the rodents to a place where they can’t harm anyone. This approach safeguards your health and is humane to the rodents we address. Once the rodents are out of sight, we will seal all possible access points to prevent them from coming back.

Getting Started With Rodent Removal

Whether you want to protect your Mequon-area home or business from rodents, contacting our trusted team is a smart move in the right direction. We will learn about you and the problem you are facing so that we can choose an approach that meets your needs. The pests will be gone before they know what happened if you let us give you a hand, and you will be happy when you see what we can achieve. If you are ready to teach the rodents a lesson that they won’t forget, pick up your phone and contact us right away.

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