Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Mequon

If you own a home or business in the Mequon area, you may have to protect your property from destructive pests at some point. There are many pests in the state that can damage properties, and carpenter ants are some of the most troublesome of the bunch. These ants are a serious problem throughout Wisconsin, including Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. Nexus Pest Solutions offers effective carpenter ant control services in these counties as well as Washington, Ozaukee, and Racine.

Overview of Carpenter Ants in Mequon

Carpenter ants are responsible for a significant percentage of infestations and pest control complaints in Wisconsin. There are many carpenter ant species in the U.S., but the most common variety in our service area is the black carpenter ant. As their name suggests, black carpenter ants have black bodies covered in gray or yellow hairs. They are relatively large ants, and adult workers can reach lengths of half an inch or more.

Problems Associated with Carpenter Ants

Once they reach maturity, carpenter ant colonies can sustain thousands of worker ants and a queen. Winged male ants are responsible for breeding with the queen, and the queen chooses a suitable site to nest and lay her eggs. Unfortunately for humans, carpenter ants nest and breed in wooden structures, including the timbers used to construct homes and other buildings. Workers have enlarged mandibles that they use to carve out tunnel systems called galleries. These galleries can cause severe damage to any trees or wooden structures on your property.

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If you notice carpenter ants on your property, contact Nexus for your free pest control quote. Once we determine the extent of the infestation, our experienced technicians will fully remove all ants from the premises. Soon, your home will be safe from the extensive damage that these insects can generate.

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