Fall Invaders Pest Control

With its delightful blend of thriving cities and small towns, lush woodlands and gorgeous waterfronts, and intriguing adventures that span all four seasons, it’s no wonder that people enjoy making their homes in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, a wide range of pests also call the area home, and many of them are eager to escape the cold outside by wintering inside human homes and businesses. These persistent intruders will make use of any gap in your property’s defenses to gain entry, and their presences can be a major nuisance. What fall invaders are you likely to encounter?

Box Elder Bugs

In the autumn, box elder bugs cluster on sunny spots along roofs and siding. They aren’t content to simply enjoy a little time in the sun; they are intent on getting inside and will quickly gain access through any suitable crack, gap or tear. Black bugs with striking red lines on their bodies and wings, they are roughly 14 millimeters long and prefer to hibernate in a toasty, protected space. The good news is that box elder bugs don’t bite, sting or spread disease, and they don’t damage the structure of a residential or commercial property. The bad news is that their sheer numbers can quickly become overwhelming. To make matters worse, they have an unnerving tendency to fly around living spaces, their droppings can stain and they emit a decidedly unpleasant odor if crushed.

Asian Lady Beetles

At first glance, Asian lady beetles might charm folks fond of ladybugs. The two species look very similar, but there are some serious differences between them that make Asian lady beetles decidedly unwelcome in human homes and businesses. Like native ladybugs, Asian lady beetles are winged, round-bodied beetles that generally have black splotches on bodies that are red, orange or gold. The most striking difference in their appearance is a marking shaped like an “M” on their heads. However, their behavior is even more distinct. While ladybugs are generally considered harmless, beneficial insects and tend to winter outside, Asian lady beetles much prefer to overwinter inside human habitation and will slip through any opening to gain entry. Once inside, they’ll cluster together in overpowering numbers. While they don’t spread disease, they do bite, and their bites can cause an allergic reaction. If disturbed or smashed, they also secrete a smelly, yellow fluid that can stain walls, fabrics and other surfaces.

Stink Bugs

Flying bugs with a flat, mottled-brown body that’s shaped like a shield, stink bugs have an unfortunate tendency to live up to their name. When it turns cold outside, they make every effort to slip inside. While they don’t cause structural damage or spread disease, they do tend to appear in disconcertingly large numbers. They also give off a foul odor that gets worse if they are squashed.

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