Spiders…Why So Many In Milwaukee Wisconsin

Well, white here with Nexus pest solutions, bringing you another edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. And today’s question is, why are there so many spiders around my home? And is there anything I can do to reduce that population? Wow, you know what? Spiders? You gotta love them. But most people don’t? Because I don’t know about you. But have you ever seen someone walking to a spiderweb? unknowingly? It’s it’s one of those things, you know, they instantly become an overnight karate expert. You walk into that web, and it’s like, gotta get that thing off, you know, you totally caught by surprise. Well, here’s the thing. If you have an abundance of spiders around your home, that means that you have an abundance of pest around your home. Now, why do I have an abundance of pests around my home, that could be because of the lighting. So if you have lighting, the bugs are attracted to the lighting, therefore, the spiders are going to be attracted to the past. And they it kind of is a system it works together. You know, we spent a lot of money making our home look beautiful, and lighting it properly in the right way so that it looks just as good at night as it does during the day. But not only is that I appeasing to people, it’s also very lovely to bugs. And when bugs see that at night, they’re going to hear for the bushes. And when they hear for the bushes, trust me, the spiders are not going to be too far behind. Now, is there something that you can do you know, if you if you have a spider problem around the outside of your homes, there’s something you can do. And this works on the inside as well. And let me just back up a bit. So once it gets cold, and the bugs start migrating into the home, where did the spiders go? They might gradient as well because they go where the bugs go. So you got to keep that in mind, I got spiders outside finding a lot of spiders in your home during the cooler months is because there’s pests there and they’re migrating in the feed on those paths. Now, what can you do to reduce that spider population around the home? Well, one thing you can do is knock down the webs. I know sounds simple, but discourage the spiders from building on your home, you know, you know get you a broom or one of those long, extendable dusters, and go around the outside of the home and knock down the webs. And when they rebuild the webs, knock them down again. Don’t let them get away with that. You continue to do that. Until they get discouraged enough and decides I don’t want to build there. So that’s that’s one thing that you can do. All right. Now. Is there anything else you can do? Is there anything else you can do? Yeah, if you want the Surefire, absolute way to get rid of spiders, all you got to do is pick up the phone and dial 414-355-3732. And you can ask for me, and we’ll wait at Nexus and how are we more than happy to schedule your home for one of our 58 Point PEST analysis and inspection and get you on your way to being arachnophobia free. Hey, listen. I really hope you enjoy today’s podcast. And I hope that we get an opportunity to see you soon and share more information with you about things that were asked for the field. So that puts a wrap on today’s question. I hope I was able to answer that for the one that asked that out there. But if not, or you want me to further elaborate on it. You know, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. Thank you

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