Minimum Pest Control Service for Milwaukee Homeowners

Will White here with Nexus pest solutions, bringing you another edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. And today’s question is, how many services do I need as a single family homeowner when it comes to pest control?

Well, let me start by saying, that is a great question. And if you live in our great state of Wisconsin, the answer to that question would be a minimum for that when I started out in this business years, and years and years ago, we used to do pest control on a monthly basis. And that was only because the product that we were using at the time, the products, well, it would only get you about 30 days of service. So you would have to be back in 30 days a treat again, because if not, the bugs would penetrate the barriers. But the manufacturers got a little bit better at what they do. And they were able to synthesize these products to get anywhere from 60 to 90. And some are even claiming up to 120 days. I haven’t seen that yet. But they are saying 120 days, I have not personally tested that product, but kind of look forward to doing that in the near future.

So when you look at it this way, in Wisconsin, we are so lucky to have four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. And when each season each season brings his own fair share of different type of pests. So if you stumbled across this, this podcast and it’s in the middle, you know, the spring is just starting out, you probably experienced in an ant problem, you know, answer one of the first days we sit in the spring, and when they wake up, they wreak havoc, as you know.

Then we have the summertime, when everything is waking up, you know everything is woke and flying around stinging insects. We have the spring rains that have made things bloom. We have centipede millipede spiders, you name it a slew of pasture in a summer, then we have the fall. And when you think about it, I know most folks who say Oh, yeah, he’s right. Maybe, you know, mice were mice, you know, backup a little bit. Mice has definitely become a year-round problem. There’s not a week that goes by that we don’t that we do not get a rolling call. Someone’s always calling about a mouse problem. 12 months out of the year. So yeah, it does creep up a little bit in the fall and winter. But it has become a year round thing.

But back to the fall paths. Fall invaders. Think about it. It’s the fall. And there’s a slew of pasture has their own name. And they’re labeled fall invaders. What are those boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles, cluster flies, and for those that know, the stink bug now in the winter, okay, it slows down, we have our rodent calls. Yes. Like I said, it takes up a little bit in the winter. But that’s going to be a chronic pressure. Everything’s looking for a place to stay, but roads would be our call during the winter. So as you can see, with each with each season, we get a new slew of paths. So that’s why I say at a minimum for services a year would be ideal to keep your home protected.

So if there’s something that you’re interested in, because you did find this podcast after all, you know, give our office a call 414-355-3732 And as always, you can ask for me, I’m Will White. I want to thank you for listening to this podcast. And I want you to go out and have a pest free day. Until next time, folks. See you down the road.

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