Milwaukee Homeowners Should Trim Their Shrubs to Prevent Pests From Invading Home

Hey, Will White here with Nexus pest solutions. And this is another part in our series of questions that were asked as technicians when we’re out in the field, doing our day to day operations service and customer service and some of our commercial accounts around the city. And the question this week is, why do I need to trim back the shrubbery bushes, or tree limbs from the house? And I must say, that is definitely a good question. And the good thing that one of the great things about this question is it’s also a part of our 58 point PEST analysis inspection that we offer to every homeowner that was servicing as part of our our free service. So these are some of the things we look for. So this one here this week should be quite easy to answer. Because it’s part of what we do. You know, one of the big reasons why you should trim back bushes and shrubbery away from the house is it offers perfect shelters for rodents. So they could be mice, you know, rats, they have a great place to hide what protection from overhead, you know, these roads are not intelligent. They’re just surviving. I learned from one of our great mentor mentors in the industry of drone control. You know, he says that, it might look like they’re smart, but they’re just surviving. So when you have that overgrowth, it’s offering them security from above, because they’re always thinking, you know, mice are always living in constant fear that a they can be, you know, a bird could swoop down and pick them up. We see that happen from time to time, where we have hawks in the area, or Falcons in the area, well that shrubbery. If it’s overgrown, it’s offering them protection from above. So that gives them some level of security where this might be suitable living form because it can’t be seen up underneath that. And if there’s a breach in your foundation, well, they can sneak their way into your house. So Rodin’s is one reason why we should trim back you know, the shrubbery for shrubbery and bushes off the house. Another reason is, it offers a kind of like a natural barrier of protection, because it allows like, if you if it’s overgrown, and we get, you know, some heavy wet weather, you know, which we do get while the ground stays moist, or damp in for a longer period of time, which is going to make that soil attracted to you know, make centipedes, millipedes. sowbugs You know, some folks call them rolie polies attracted to that area because they love moisture, they’re moisture driven past and once again, if there’s a breach in the foundation, you know that that moisture is sitting right on the foundation of the house, and if there’s a breach in that foundation, well once again, they can sneak their way in and you’re wondering where all the centipedes coming from? Well, it could be something just as simple as the overgrowth, you know, if you have a bit of overgrowth outside now, trimming that back. What it does is allow you trim that off the house it creates that barrier so you know you have that dirt from the house to the bush line or shrubbery line. Well once you trim that off, it allows the sun in and allows that moisture to escape out. So therefore it kind of creates a natural barrier because the ground is drying out.

We notice centipedes millipedes,  sowbugs Roly polies they don’t like dry land they like humidity they like moisture so that will offer you some degree of protection you know as far as lowering that population you know down and keeping them away from the foundation of your house. Another reason why we should trim shrubbery bushes and tree limbs so if you have a tree in the yard and you have a branch touching the roof is a it’s the number one pass ads and we’re going to speak on you know like you know like your mom dance Argentine and
carpenter ants you know if you have a train yard you know and there is a branch touching a house in a tree just so happened to have a carpenter ant infestation in it well it’s up to tree across the limb right across the lamp right into your attic you know that’s why you know when when we get calls, you know during Carpenter at you know what we call it kind of carpenter and season which you will usually start seeing I’m showing up around the end of April May and if they’re in the attic, there’s usually always a branch touching the house. Trim off the branch you know, snip that back, you know, cut it off the house, you don’t want anything like that touching your house and it’s the same way with their, with the bushes and shrubs which we’ve been speaking on. The ants can walk across that and if that if those limbs or branches, or shrubbery is touching a window seal or it might be a breach in that siding. Well in the siding they go in in between the window sill they go and once they find a way in, they are leading, leaving a firm on trail to attract their buddies, you know other ants so that’s usually why we find Oh, we got an ant problem here. Well a lot of times this might lead back to overgrowth with the bushes and shrubs. So that’s all I have for now. You know, if you you know, I hope you got something out of this that is something that can be quite helpful as you’re walking around, you know, getting your house ready, you know, for the fall or if it’s springtime, getting your house ready for the spring is the you know, keep that in consideration. And if that’s not enough, you can always give us a call at 414-355-3732 you know, you can ask for me, I’m worldwide. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. And, you know, look at doing one of our 58 point PEST analysis and inspections. Thank you for listening to this podcast.

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