Bedbugs for Milwaukee Wisconsin in 20221

Will White¬† here with Nexus Pest Solutions, bringing you another edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. And today’s question is, I have a bedbug problem. Should I do a heat treatment, or chemical treatment, which we call a traditional treatment? Well, if you want the Reader’s Digest version, because you want to pick up the phone and call us right away, the short answer is a heat treatment. Now, if you want to know why, just stick around, listen, you have a bedbug problem. More than likely, that’s why you’re watching this video. Or listening to this podcast, excuse me, I keep forgetting this podcast. But you have a bedbug problem, and you don’t, you’ve gotten to the point where you figure it out. I absolutely, positively have to do something about this. The quickest way to get rid of it is a heat treatment. Now, if I wasn’t in this field, and someone came to me, a pest control operator came to me and asked told me, yes, you you need to do a heat, you got a choice here, you got two options here, you could do a heat treatment or chemical treatment. Tell me the difference. Once they explain the differences to me, I would take the heat treatment hands down. Because the math is simple math. You know, we schedule the heat treatments for 730. Well, usually around 730. In the morning, we set up we have the heaters running usually by not 830 In the morning, we heat the place up while you’re away. And when you come home that night, your home is completely bedbug free, we’ve killed the adults, the nips, as well as the eggs. You don’t have to throw away any furniture. You know, you don’t have to live with bedbugs and other day, it’s over and done with heat the house up very simple. Well, this process is not simple. But the concept, we’re going to heat it up and cook everything, every bedbug in the house till there’s nothing left. Now on the other hand, we have the traditional treatment, which we’ll call a chemical treatment, because I think that’s what most viewers or readers know it as that is a little bit different. You have your prep work you got to do. So most of the time. You know, if you live in a home, if you live in a home for any extended amount of time. The heat, you know, you’ve accumulated a lot of items in the bedroom in the living room. And those items have to be dealt with before you can properly perform a traditional treatment. You know, and if you’ve done any type of research, you’ve heard the stories about washing and drying everything, bagging everything up and living out of those bags anywhere from six to eight weeks. You know, and you might have to suffer with bites during that period of time. Because the applications and the RE applications that are being made every two weeks is to catch the bedbugs as they’re hatching out of the eggs. Because right now, there’s not a chemical on the market that can penetrate an air capsule and kill the bedbug before it hatches. So there will be hatches. So that’s why treatment protocols are set up to be done every two weeks. Now, if you got time and you don’t mind being bid, then that would be the way to go. But if you want it over and done with and one fell swoop, heat treatment, hands down all day, every day. Now, I’m available for you to call if you got any additional questions, I mean, the prep. I mean, like when you think about prepping for heat job. In all reality, if you call today, we could perform a heat treatment tomorrow, because the prep is that minimal. But if you call us today for traditional treatment, it might be a week out two weeks depending on how much how many items you have in your house that need to be dealt with. So you can see if you got the time heat I mean chemical, or if you want to get it over and done with and do not want to suffer from the bedbug bites anymore, then a heat treatment would definitely be the way to go. So I hope that answers the question. Which one should I do I have a bedbug problem which one should I do? I really hope I’ve given you a fair evaluation of both. But if you have any more questions, you know, feel free to call our office Nexus Pest Solutions. You can ask for me, I’m Will White. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions, you know, send you our prep sheet our protocols to let you decide which way you want to go. So thank you for watching and listenting this and pick up the phone and give us a call right now.

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