WDI Termite Inspections for VA Loans

You are here because you need a WDI Termite Inspection for your VA Loan


Hello, I’m Will White  with Nexus Pest Solutions. Are you a home seller, homebuyer, real estate agent OR loan officer looking for a termite inspection/  MPMA-33  report for closing on a VA loan? Well if you are, I am here to inform you that Nexus Pest Solutions has been performing that service for the last 16 years and is simply this scheduling appointment. We will show up perform the inspection we will fill out the report and email that documentation to whomever needs it before we even leave the property. Simple, painless and efficient. So if you’re one of the above, home seller, homebuyer real estate agent loan officer and needed a service for closing on a VA loan. Call Nexus Pest Solutions at 414-355-3732. And as for me, Will White I’ll be happy to speak with you. Once again. Thank you for watching this video. And I hope you have a great day.

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