Stinging Insect Public Service Announcement for Milwaukee Local Residents

Will White,  here with Nexus Pest Solutions, bringing you another edition of questions were asked when we’re out in the field. But today, we’re gonna mix it up a little bit. We’re offering us PSA, a public service announcement for stinging insects, you know, this is something that needs to be a point needs to be made as we approach stinging insect season. So I’m gonna lead off with this. Observe for traffic before you touch. Now that’s going to be key to this podcast. Observe for traffic before you touch. And you’re saying, Well, what traffic? Well, stinging insects. Yellowjackets . Wasps.

An item that might be in your yard, and we’re gonna give some examples of that, that you haven’t used all season up until now. So first example is say, a barbecue grill. So a barbecue grill covered barbecue grill, on the patio, you know, you don’t use it, you use it a couple times a year. Well, it can be a potential target for stinging insects. So the observe is as you a I’m grilling tonight, as you approach that grill, take a look. All right, stand there for a minute. See if you see any activity flying in and out up underneath that cover that grill should only take you know couple minutes and it’ll be worth it. Because if there’s a mess up on the air, the last thing in the world you want to do is go there and rip that cover off and rip a nest in half that will not end well. For the most part. So just stand observe before you touch. And if you don’t see anything, go ahead, pull off the cover. Make sure you check the duvet again once you get to the the lid, the lid of the grill, because there are openings around a grill where stinging insects can be entering into patio furniture. So if you have patio furniture out there that you haven’t used. Yellowjackets can build nests up underneath the seat of patio chairs. And I know, I know, it’s like well how does that happen?

Yeah, it happens and we see it you know, so if you’re not using your patio on a regular basis, it’s just something that you definitely need to be aware of, let’s say, yard decor, you know you got one of those gnomes in the yard, and you want to pick it up and move it. Well. If there’s any type of waterhole in that GNOME or drain hole in that gnome Yellowjackets wise, could have made a nest inside. So observe for traffic before you touch. Another big thing is stack firewood. So if you have firewood stacked outside, you know cut firewood stack. Be careful when approaching especially if you’re going to use an outdoor fire pit, just make sure that you don’t see any traffic flying in and out of that firewood. Now here’s a here, this one here is a big one that I that we’ve seen several times extra mulch bags, you know, you estimated it was going to take so many bags of mulch to mulch a yard and you end up with you know, 10 or 20 bags leftover. So you’re not taking them back to the store because you know, you got to refresh and you want those colors to match when you do. So you stack them up next to the shed or stack them up in the backyard or stack them up out in the yard. And when it’s time to refresh, you’ll go there and grab a bag and grab a bag off where you could be pulling on nest apart. And we have seen that happen over several occasions over the last several years.

So it’s just something to be aware of just observe, if it’s anything that you have not moving, you know, kind of get your mind thinking about that as we move around our backyards, because it was kind of soon, we’ll only get like two weeks of summer. So as we start to migrate out and handles family activities, this is something to keep in mind. Because we want you to have a great event, you know, whatever it is you might be doing, spend time with the family, you know, a little get together. You know, in the backyard, we wanted to start on the right foot. I mean being stung. Not good, ended up in the emergency room, even worse. So these are things that we wanted to throw out there for you to try to keep you your home pest free around your home and safe. That’s a PSA coming from Nexus Pest solutions. And once again, observe for traffic before you touch. That’s gonna about do it for this version of questions we’re asking we’re out in the field. We’ll see you next week with a new one. Thank you for listening to this podcast. And I hope you have a great day.

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