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Will White here again with Nexus Pest Solutions,  And you found this video because you’re experiencing a mosquito problem. Well, I don’t have to be a psychic to tell you that having a mosquito problem, that just sucks. I mean, really, they’re bloodsuckers, think about it. A teaspoon of water sitting stagnant for seven days in your backyard. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs and breed. Now when you start thinking about that, with the magnitude of the backyard, grill covers, flower planters, children’s toys, wagons, wheel barrels, any of these items that you might find in a typical backyard holding water stagnantly for seven days with those are called mosquito factories. And when you have the industrial revolution going on in your backyard with all of these containers, well that’s enough to crash any party. But you don’t have to take that, you found this video. Nexus Pest Solutions,   The mosquito authority! With our program you will get a 58 point PEST analysis and survey of your property,  and numbers 51 and 52 are pertaining to mosquitoes. You also get one of the most comprehensive backyard treatments for mosquitoes to keep mosquitoes at bay throughout the summer. Pick up the phone now. Call  4143553732 you can ask for me. I’m Will WHite. I’ll be more than happy to get your home scheduled so you can take charge of your backyard. Call now.

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