Mice and Rat Control Milwaukee Wisconsin


Will White here with Nexus Pest Solutions. And you’ve probably found this video because you’re experiencing a mouse problem. What don’t let me be the one first one to tell, you having a mouse problem. Well, that just sucks. You know, mice, some of the filthiest creatures on this earth. And we know how it is, you know you sitting there late at night watching TV. Out of the corner, your eye, you see something jet across the floor, what was that? It was a mouse, or you hear something rattling across your silverware, or in your pantry rumbling through to potato chips, or running across the top of your dishes? Well, if you’ve had enough of mice, you’ve definitely found the right company. And you’ve definitely found the right video. Nexus Pest Solutions will not tolerate mice in your home. You know, when you call Nexus Pest Solutions for our rodent control program, we start with the first line of defense, inspecting the complete exterior of the home and sealing up the potential entry points when erosions are getting in in the first place. And once we’ve done that, we’ll come inside. And we truly believe in the snap traping program meaning that we want to remove what we catch. So we’re going to become really good friends, you’re going to see us every day, if not every other day, until we stopped catching mice. See with rodents, folks, you have to be very aggressive upfront. You just can’t come in and throw down those black boxes and call it a day. We have to eliminate what you have there. And once we get that population down to where it’s manageable, then we can look at placing out those so called black boxes. So listen, if you’re tired of dealing with mice, rambling through your home and turning your home upside down, give Nexus Pest Solutions a call today 4143553732. And you can ask for me. I’m Will White. I’ll be more than happy to get your home scheduled and get you that evaluation and get rid of mice today. Thank you. Bye

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