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Will White here again with Nexus Pest Solutions. And you’ve probably found this video because you’re experiencing a Box Elder bug problem,  Don’t let me be the first to tell you having a Box Elder bug problem, that just sucks. I want to say boxelder bugs are a true sign that fall is on its way. Each year boxelder bugs show up, enter your home overwinter in the attic, and in the springtime, leave out and go do what boxelder bugs do.

Now they’re back to enter your home again to overwinter and start the process all over. But you don’t have to take that from boxelder bugs. You have found the right video. Nexus Pest Solutions is your solution to Box Elder bug problems and any other fall invading pest. Not only does our 58 point PEST analysis and inspection covers boxelder bugs,  Pick up phone now. Call for 443553732 you can ask me, Will White. I’ll be more than happy to get your home scheduled and give boxelder bugs the boot

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