West Allis Pest Control

Ordinary pests can create an extraordinary amount of trouble for families and businesses in West Allis, and our customized solutions offer superior effectiveness. Serving Wisconsin suburbs for nearly 30 years, we have earned the trust of residential clients and schools as well as commercial and industrial enterprises. To control ants, roaches and bed bugs, we use environmentally compatible non-chemical technologies whenever possible, and we incorporate FDA-approved chemicals to ensure delivery of effective pest control.

West Allis Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs attack humans to draw blood for a meal. About the size of the letter B on a computer keyboard, they can hide in mattresses, couches, theater seats, office bookcases and chairs in commercial offices. Itchy bites are often a sign of bed bugs, but they may not always appear. Bed bugs molt five times before they reach the adult stage, and our expert technicians can identify the skeletons that they leave behind. We recommend regular inspections to detect bed bug infestations. Getting rid of the bloodsucking insect with our professional extermination services returns a home or business environment to acceptable conditions.

Roach Eradication in West Allis

The potential danger of salmonella bacteria comes with every cockroach that enters a home or commercial kitchen, bathroom or basement. Viruses and bacteria that they transmit can produce gastrointestinal distress, and they emit allergens that aggravate asthmatic conditions. The rapid rate of roach reproduction can create infestations that thrive out of sight. Their secretive and nocturnal habits allow them to seek food and water at night, and seeing one scampering across a kitchen floor means that an infestation is in hiding. 

West Allis Ant Control

Ants may seem like more of an annoyance than a health hazard, and many of them are only that. However, they can contribute to food contamination, and some species can even destroy wood structures. Their sting can result in an infection that takes days or weeks to heal, often leaving a scar. Indoor, they prefer moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where they can hide under refrigerators, dishwashers and sinks. Outdoor, they create nests in dead stumps, under piles of wood, in utility boxes and under the siding. A bite from many in a colony can pose a serious health hazard.

Choosing Profesional Pest Control

The persistence of pests requires a professional approach to extermination. Our programs offer comprehensive treatments that rid premises of annoying bed bugs, roaches and ants. We exterminate them with specific non-chemical treatments and FDA-approved chemicals as well. Each home or business owner deserves the peaceful enjoyment of private spaces that are safe from the intrusion of potentially dangerous insects. Contact Nexus Pest Solutions for a free quote on pest control services.

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