River Hills, WI Pest Control

River Hills is an ideal place to live for locals who love the tight-knit atmosphere that only a small town can offer. The summer months are warm, and the spring months bring above-average rainfall. There are plenty of trees, animals, and insects. This combination makes a prime habitat for several pests such as bees, wasps, and termites. Some pests such as ants and cockroaches may be present indoors during most seasons.


There are hundreds of varieties of mosquitoes. However, most of them live in the wooded areas and never come into contact with humans. A few of the most common types that venture into residential areas are also the carriers of serious illnesses. These include encephalitis and West Nile, Zika, LaCrosse and Jamestown Canyon viruses. Each one comes with its own set of risks. If you are planning to spend time outdoors, you can minimize your risks on your own property by eliminating all sources of standing water including pet dishes. Also, wear long sleeves after dark, and use insect repellent with at least 40 percent DEET. While these measures help, professional pest control is the best form of defense against mosquitoes.


Wisconsin is home to many types of ants. Carpenter ants are larger and create a property damage risk. They chew wood on trees, eaves or beams to create large caverns. Fire ants may make their home in your yard or garden during the summer. If you unknowingly invade their territory, they are known to attack aggressively in groups. They deliver venom when they sting, and the venom can cause an allergic reaction. There are several smaller varieties of ants that enter your home through cracks along windowsills or doors. They can get into your food supply and cost you hundreds of dollars in damaged groceries. Some may bite humans and cause itchy bumps. Since their colonies are often large and hard to find, ants are difficult to eliminate without professional help.

Bees And Wasps

Both of these summer pests can be painful reminders of why professional pest control is a must. Some stings lead to severe allergic reactions. Although bees sting, they are not as aggressive as wasps. Honeybees die after stinging. If you see or hear a beehive outdoors or behind a wall, do not try to remove it. Professionals relocate honeybees since they are pollinators and are crucial to our world’s food supply. Carpenter bees are larger and burrow in wood. They may destroy eaves outdoors. Wasps usually live in nests along the eaves of your home or garage. However, some burrow in the ground alone. Do not try to spray or remove a wasp nest. Many people are injured by wasps and chemicals when attempting this.

The good news is that all of these pests along with many others are easy to control with professional help. At Nexus Pest Solutions, we assess the problem, remove infestations and prevent future problems. Please call us for a free quote.

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