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Racine, WI Pest Control

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the city of Racine, WI, has plenty to offer residents who love to be outdoors. For those who need the excitement of the bigger cities, it’s also not far from Milwaukee. However, the winters are typically freezing while the summers are warm and can become excessively humid. This can make the outdoors unbearable for many, and that includes all manner of insects.

At Nexus Pest Solutions, we know that the threat posed by pests should not be underestimated. Carpenter ants and termites can eat away at your wood structures, bed bugs can infest your mattress and give you itchy bites, and roaches and rodents can spread disease. Other pests, such as boxelder bugs, are an indoor nuisance and can stain structures with their droppings. We’re the ones to rely on for the work of a professional roach, ant, termite, or rodent exterminator.

Residential Pest Control

Whether you need bed bug control or a mosquito treatment for your home, you can turn to us for the right service. We can come by on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annual basis in the effort to keep pests from ever entering again. Seasonal services are possible, too. For example, we can send our rodent exterminator or cockroach control expert to your place in the winter and eliminate ants in the summer.

Other times, such as when killing bed bugs, all one usually needs is a single whole-room heat treatment. In the effort to minimize our impact on the environment, we follow what are called integrated pest management methods. IPM is focused on biological controls and less use of insecticides.

Commercial Pest Control

We’re proud to offer our termite treatment plans, bed bug control services, and other work to business owners. Whether you run an office building, warehouse, grocery store, hotel, restaurant, or medical center, we’ll be there for prompt, attentive, but nevertheless discreet service.

We always comply with USDA and LEED guidelines. Those who run a food processing facility will be especially happy to hear that we’ve received food safety training through AIB International. As with our residential ant, roach, spider, termite, and mosquito treatment plans, we follow IPM methods.

In general, we can rid your property of:

Carpenter ants
Bees and wasps
Stink bugs

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For recurring cockroach control or a termite treatment using bait stations, look no further than Nexus Pest Solutions. We’re fully licensed for all that we do, and we’re a member of the National Pest Management Association. We boast over 30 years of experience serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Racine, so take advantage of this by calling us today. Service quotes are free.

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