Oak Creek Pest Control

Dealing with pests can be more than just annoying. Some invaders carry the risk of disease or can cause damage to your home. Pest control services from a reliable company in the Oak Creek area can take prevent common pest problems. 

Dealing with Rodents

Rodents head into homes when the weather gets chilly, looking for a warm place to stay and easy access to food. You’ll know you have an infestation if you find droppings, shredded nesting material or chewed food containers. The minute you see any of these signs, it’s time to call in professional pest control. Rodents may carry pathogenic bacteria that can be spread through contact with their bodily excretions, and many of these can cause serious illness in humans. In addition, rodents that die in walls emit unpleasant odors and may create additional health hazards as they decay.

Battling Bed Bugs

The most obvious indication of a bed bug infestation is waking up with a collection of itchy bumps thanks to this pest’s habit of feeding at night. Some people are allergic to these bites and experience a more severe reaction. Other signs that you have bed bugs hanging around are the presence of molted exoskeletons and the appearance of rust-brown excrement. Bed bugs can enter a home from anywhere, so if you travel a lot, there’s a chance you could pick them up right along with your luggage. It doesn’t matter whether you vacuum all the time or take world’s most careful showers; bed bugs will go anywhere that they can find food. If you have an infestation, your best bet is to let an expert tackle it.

Banishing Asian Beetles

Asian lady beetles, also called lady bugs, are easily recognizable by their vibrant red color and contrasting black spots. When they stay outdoors where they belong, these insects can be beneficial in keeping other pests from attacking garden plants. In the fall and spring, however, lady beetles have a habit of congregating inside homes in enormous numbers. Although they pose no risk in terms of biting or structural damage, they do leave behind a yellow chemical as part of their natural defense mechanism. This may cause sinus or skin irritation in some people, and others may be able to detect an unpleasant odor emitting from it. Groups that number in the thousands require intervention to remove. 

Calling in a professional is the only way to know for sure that your pest problems will go away for good. If you spot the signs of an infestation from these pests, contact Nexus Pest Solutions. You can rely on our pest control techniques to restore order and safety to your home.

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