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residential pest control menomonee fallsResidential Pest Control

Whether you live in a single home, duplex or an apartment, pests can come calling at any time of the year. Mice can come to your home in the winter while spiders will look for any dry place to wait out the spring rains. Each pest carries its own health and safety risks to your or your home. As Menomonee Falls pest control experts, we know how to handle each one, and we can come to your home every month, twice a month or at the start of each season. All you need to do is show us what’s bothering you.


Commercial Pest Control

Pests can be just as attracted to corporate spaces such as shops, offices and warehouses. They’re especially attracted to spaces where plenty of food can be found. If you have a regular problem with hungry pests, we can arrange a commercial pest control team to come to your business every night after closing or on the same schedule as our residential clients. We’re AIB trained, and we specialize in IPM, so you won’t have to worry about your spaces becoming hazardous to you or your employees.


Menomonee Falls Pests We Service

With a population estimated at just over 38,000, visitors to Menomonee Falls might be surprised to hear that it’s Wisconsin’s largest village. It’s a pleasant community that’s also the home of department store chain Kohl’s. With Milwaukee and Waukesha just a short drive away, Menomonee Falls has everything a person needs. It also has a few things that no one needs. Namely, scores of pests wanting a new home.

No matter which of these you have to face, we can solve your problems at affordable rates. Contact the pest control experts at Nexus Pest Services today for a free quote on our services or to get more information.

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