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Greendale, Wisconsin, is a unique Roosevelt-era greenbelt town in the greater Milwaukee area. Over the years, the population has grown, but some things have remained the same. Today, its pedestrian-friendly downtown is used as an example for other master-planned communities. Residents still flock to the local cafes and shops. However, folks occasionally encounter problems with one or more of these common pests.

Carpenter Ants

Large, powerful carpenter ants mine trees, lumber and wood-frame homes across Greendale. They aren’t looking for food. They are actually building a house within your house. However, the construction process is messy, and the ants cause a lot of damage.

Carpenter ants prefer moist, damp wood. They often attack homes that have humidity problems. Usually, damage first appears on walls and decks that have a northern exposure or receive very little direct sunlight.

Check for specks or mounds of sawdust that spill out from your home’s siding. Look for carpenter ant activity. If you regularly see ants marching across your deck or siding, the colony is probably completing home improvements.

Bed Bugs

After an absence that lasted more than half of a century, bed bugs have once again become a blight on modern society. Today, bed bugs are found across Wisconsin. Schools, movie theaters, and nursing homes have had outbreaks. Bed bugs are also unwanted souvenirs from long-anticipated vacations. They can enter your home with your guests’ luggage and their clothing.

It takes bed bugs just 5 to 10 minutes to feed. Then, they return to their hiding places. Victims might notice hive-like welts or rashes. However, some people don’t experience any symptoms. Although bed bugs typically nest within 20 feet of their hosts, they are difficult to detect. One female will lay 200 to 300 eggs during her lifetime, so populations multiply quickly.

The number of cases reported each year has increased 100 times or more compared to 1990. University researchers say that 88 percent of bed bug populations are resistant to the most commonly used insecticides. That’s why heat treatments have emerged as one of the best solutions. If you’ve noticed signs of a bed bug infestation, act quickly.


Rodents come indoors whenever the temperature drops. In Greendale and neighboring communities, it seems like the cold weather is always around the corner. This means that you’ll likely see or hear warning signs.

Rats and mice can squeeze through virtually any opening. Once they’re inside, they scamper across your attic and run behind the walls as they travel between their nests and feeding areas.

Wherever they go, rodents leave droppings that are laced with diseases like salmonella and hantavirus. Their urine contains pheromones that trigger allergies and asthma attacks. There’s also a risk that rodents will short electrical wires or gnaw through building materials.

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