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Glendale, like Milwaukee, isn’t immune from the occasional pest invasion, so if you’ve spotted more ants or mosquitoes in your yard than before, you’ll want to hire Nexus Pest Solutions for treatment. First, we want to inform you about three of the most common pests you’ll find in this area and how we’ll deal with them.


Carpenter ants are a huge problem because of the structural damage they cause. These are big, black or red, winged ants that burrow through dry wood in order to nest inside (they don’t eat the wood), and they leave behind piles of sawdust along with their pellet-like excrement, called frass. Their chewing in each wood structure results in what are called galleries. These are long tunnels with a smooth, sandpapered appearance.

Other common ants are field ants and pavement ants. Whichever has invaded your home, though, they all share several characteristics. Ants are attracted to warm places and remain active through the winter when indoors. They can be found around sinks, under bathroom tiling, and other areas where there’s moisture. They also like sugar, meats, and greasy foods. To eliminate them, our company will first set up baiting systems. If a chemical solution is unavoidable, we’ll then use a low-impact insecticide product.


You might find anything from giant house spiders to sac spiders on your property, but thankfully, you’ll almost never come face to face with the two most poisonous spiders – the black widow and the brown recluse – in this area. Nonetheless, even non-poisonous spiders can deal out painful bites, especially when you’re asleep, and become a nuisance very quickly. It can also be shocking to find them hidden in your cabinets and drawers.

To address the situation, we can perform exclusion or extermination. We’ll also advise you on ways to prevent spiders from entering the home. For example, you could seal up cracks and crevices and trim the shrubs outside, where spiders are likely to hide. Since spiders like to feed on flies, cockroaches, and other insects, having a great number of the predators in your home may signify an even greater number of the prey. We’ll search for those other pests during our inspection.


These pests make it hard for some homeowners to enjoy the outdoors, but they can do much worse. They’re known for transmitting diseases from one victim to another, including malaria and West Nile fever. They can also spread rapidly; even the shallowest bit of standing water can serve as a breeding ground. When we come over, we can inspect every watery inch of your property, including the pool, rain collection system, and birdbath. We’ll remove the habitats, spray a larvicide to prevent eggs and larvae from maturing, and kill the adults with an insecticide.

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