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Whether it’s dealing with summer’s pests or winter’s rodents, residents in Fox Point, Wisconsin, know just how much the critters, crawlers, and parasites can wreak havoc both inside your home and outside of it. Without proper Pest Control in Fox Point WI, you could subject your property and family to an infestation that causes damage and threatens your health.


Residential Pest Control in Fox Point WI

With years of experience serving Fox Point homes and yards as residential pest control services, the Nexus team understands local homeowners’ unique pest challenges. Our expertise as professional Pest Control in Fox Point WI allows us to create intelligent, customized plans that address your needs effectively.

Our residential Pest Control in Fox Point WI cover all the bases:

Rodent Removal: Call us for residential pest control services so we can rid your basement of mice, rats, and other rodents for a healthier, more comfortable home.

Termite Protection: Call Nexus for thorough termite inspections, especially for homes with exposed wood foundations, to safeguard your most significant investment. Trust our residential pest control services to take care of any termite issues at home.

Targeted Treatments: We combat all common household pests, tailoring solutions to address even the most challenging infestations as your premier residential pest control services.

Safety-First Approach: Prioritize non-chemical treatment methods whenever possible to ensure the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment.

Pest Control in Fox Point WI from Nexus transform your home into a true sanctuary.  Our innovative, customized treatment plans restore comfort and peace of mind by addressing your exact pest problems. 

We understand that your home is more than just a structure – it’s where your family lives. We are committed to providing reliable, effective, and responsible pest control to protect what matters most. Call us today for Pest Control in Fox Point WI.


Commercial Pest Control in Fox Point WI

Nexus is here to offer personalized pest control commercial solutions for getting rid of pests in Fox Point businesses. Our specialized Pest Control in Fox Point WI services cater to the unique needs of clients needing pest control commercial. If you’re running a hotel or bed and breakfast and wish to uphold a stellar reputation, our bed bug treatment is a must-have.

Make Nexus your go-to choice for a business free from bothersome pests! As a specialized company offering Pest Control in Fox Point WI, we are also a proud member of the Wisconsin Pest Control Association.

Schools, workplaces, healthcare facilities, and industrial kitchens are off-limits to pests. Regrettably, these locations frequently offer pests with food, water, and places to hide. Remember that even the tiniest pests can cause a lot of trouble.

A single pest problem can make government inspectors can levy fines, damage your reputation in the neighborhood, and put your employees’ health in danger. Act now and contact commercial Pest Control in Fox Point WI without delay.

As your pest control commercial service company, Nexus understands the urgency of maintaining a pest-free business environment. Our comprehensive treatment plans are tailored to suit each client’s specific needs. Whether it’s preventing bed bugs in hotels or ensuring roach control in restaurants, we’ve got you covered. By choosing Nexus, you’re not just investing in pest control – you’re investing in the longevity and success of your business.

Nexus is committed to staying at the forefront of industry developments. We strive to offer our clients the most effective and up-to-date pest control methods available. Rest easy knowing that Nexus provides discreet and thorough pest control services in crucial areas like kitchens and hotels, safeguarding the well-being of your customers.

If you’re in any commercial industry and want to maintain the immaculate reputation of your business, choose Nexus as your partner in ensuring a business that is free from troublesome pests!


Common Types of Pests


Although ants look harmless, they’re considered one of the biggest threats to homeowners in Wisconsin. If you spot ants roaming on your property, even if it’s only a few, it’s important to eliminate them before they build a mature colony.

A mature ant colony can lead to plenty of problems, as ants can nest anywhere from air conditioners to electrical boxes. When excavating through your home’s foundation, ants can create costly structural damage.

If you’re spotting ants around your property, contact a professional pest control company right away to determine the extent of the infestation. Our certified pest control technicians will use low-impact products to remedy the issue right away.


Bed Bugs

Considered one of the most stubborn pests you can find inside your home, bed bugs are as hard to get rid of as they are to spot. Although bed bugs don’t carry diseases, their nighttime bites can cause severe redness, itching and swelling. They can also deprive you of sleep because of the constant biting and paranoia.

When inspecting for bed bugs, look out for these signs of an infestation:

  • Waking up with bites or seeing live bugs when you turn on the lights at night
  • Noticing black or dark red spots on your bedding, furniture, carpets and walls

Considering how hard it is to eliminate bed bugs, with a high risk of re-infestation even if you think you’ve taken care of the problem, the best course of action is the call a pest control service. At Nexus Pest Solutions, we have extensive experience in eliminating bed bug infestations, both in homes and in public places like hotels.



When the temperature starts to drop and the winter lurks around the corner, so do the rodents looking for a new warm place to call home for the winter. Raccoons, rats, foxes – Wisconsin has them all. And they’re all targeting your home for the holidays. Considering rodents carry diseases, it’s especially important to ‘kick them out’ when you notice them.

To ensure your home doesn’t become a hotel for rodents, it’s important that you seal all openings they can use to tunnel into your home. If you hear odd and unexplained noises behind your walls or notice other signs of rodents in your home, like urine stains or feces scattered about, you’ll need a professional pest service to handle the problem.


The Year-Round Top Choice

If you’re dealing with pests in Fox Point, Wisconsin, or anywhere else around Milwaukee, just reach out to Nexus Pest Solutions right away. We’re here to help and understand that pests can’t be left to linger. That’s why our team is always ready to provide fast and dependable service. Don’t let those pesky bugs disrupt your peace – we’re experts at making them disappear.

Contact Nexus Pest Solutions today, and we’ll give you a free estimate, tailored to your specific situation. Our approach is straightforward – we want to eliminate your pest problem and bring comfort to your home. Nexus Pest Solutions is all about customized solutions and clear pricing. No surprises, just effective pest control that’s ready when you need it. Trust us to make those bothersome bugs a thing of the past – we’re here and ready to help!

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