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Elm Grove, WI Pest Control

Nobody who lives and works in The Grove was surprised when Business Insider named our town the Best Suburb in America. We all appreciate our stately trees, beautiful parks and gently rolling hills.

Unfortunately, unwanted pests are crazy about Elm Grove as well.

Disease-Carrying Pests

Mosquito and rodent infestations are more than mere annoyances. These critters transmit a number of serious diseases. Even common roaches can trigger allergies and asthma.

Bed Bugs

These tiny creatures hide in luggage, clothing and used furniture to get inside homes and businesses. They breed and spread rapidly in hotels and apartments. Not only do they bite, but they make a disgusting mess. Since they’re becoming more and more resistant to pesticides, getting rid of them is a job for the pros.


Some of our furry friends damage gardens, sidewalks, driveways and lawn furniture. Squirrels are good at getting into attics. Rats love to chew on electrical wiring, so they pose fire risks as well as health hazards.

Wood-Boring Insects

When pests overrun businesses, they don’t just drive away customers. Wood-destroying creatures, like carpenter ants, can do significant property damage before you even know they’ve moved in. Infestations often result in costly repairs and shutdowns while problems are resolved.

At Nexus Pest Solutions, we have a proven track record of keeping homes and businesses healthy and structurally sound.

Residential Pest Control

Our inspections are thorough. Our courteous technicians are extensively trained in identifying all kinds of species. We have valuable tips to make your home and yard less inviting to critters. We offer efficient, affordable plans for one-time, quarterly or seasonal treatments.

You can rest assured that we adhere to eco-friendly methods and humane animal-removal practices.

Commercial Pest Control

Nexus is a proud member of the Wisconsin Pest Control Association. That means that we stay current on cutting-edge technology and the latest research.

Our experience in commercial pest treatment spans more than three decades. Our diverse clientele includes hotels, apartment buildings, schools, health care facilities, restaurants and many more. Our methods are safe and convenient. We even offer nighttime and emergency services.

Nexus respects the investment that you’ve made in our community, and we’ll do our part to help it pay off.

If You Have Pests, We Have Solutions

We have the know-how, skill and experience to rid your property of pests and prevent their return. Let our professionals handle Elm Grove’s most common invaders:

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