Cedarburg, WI Pest Control

If you live in the Greater Milwaukee Area and have recently notice pests in your home or place of business, you are likely searching for a way to solve the problem. Although you can use many at-home remedies to remove the pests, this path is not always the most effective. If you want to ensure that the pests that have been bothering you are eliminated, consider turning to Nexus Pest Solutions. No matter the situation, we are sure to get the job done right so that you can reclaim your home or business from the unwelcome guests. You are going to learn about some of the services that we offer, and you will then see how we can meet your needs.

Bed Bugs

Few things are as scary as finding bed bugs in your home, and they are some of the most difficult pests to handle. Because they have become resistant to many pesticides, getting a bedbug problem under control is only possible with the proper training, experience and equipment. Even though bed bugs don’t cause health problems, they can inflict psychological damage when they launch an invasion. If you think that these parasitic insects might be in your home or place of business, you must take action right away. When our team arrives at your location, they will perform an assessment to determine the severity of the infestation. Once they have an idea of the size of the bed bug population, they will get to work with the removal process.


When a cockroach sees your house or office complex, it will know that it has found the perfect environment in which to live, eat and spread. Because you have sources of food and an adequate supply of water, cockroaches will feel like they are in paradise after they get past your front door. They are not always easy to control, but our team has the experience needed to help anyone manage a cockroach infestation.

Stink Bugs

Fruits and vegetables are ideal meals on which stink bugs can feed, and these pests usually enjoy spending time in the garden. But as the temperature drops in the fall, they will seek the warmth of residential and commercial buildings. The steps that you can take to prevent stink bugs from getting inside include sealing the cracks around your home, replacing torn screens and sealing any openings on window seals. But you can be proactive and still face an invasion.

Nexus Pest Solutions

Are you currently trying to manage a bedbug, cockroach or stink bug infestation? If so, you don’t need to handle the problem alone because Nexus Pest Solutions is here to help. When you enlist our services, we will promptly send a trained expert to your location. You can give us a call if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the services with which we have been proudly providing the residents of Cedarburg. Contacting us is the first step in regaining peace of mind, and we look forward to meeting your pest control needs.

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